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We are a body comprised of Hajj and Umrah operators in the UK. We aim to act as a first stop intermediary between pilgrims and organisers in case of any disputes. We also want to improve upon the overall repute of the industry and bring all stakeholders on board and reduce distances.

We want to facilitate the british pilgrims by providing them verified options to select companies to go with. All our member companies have complete statutory requirements to operate as Hajj and Umrah organisers in the UK. No one is provided membership without completing these requirements. This is a conscious effort on part of legitimate businesses to reduce the hype around Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage and provide neat and clean options to pilgrims and provide them assistance even after completing their trips.

We as a body want to, as our slogan says: “Protect Pilgrims, Safeguard Organisers”.

We hope this will cover a big gap in the market and not only improve our members repute, provide safe options to pilgrims, but also, as a result, improve on the overall repute of the Muslim community in Britain.

Trust the Tick

We are working towards a unified kite-mark for the industry. By becoming members of the association you are one step nearer to earning a “trust the tick” logo to display on your publicity material. It will become a standard to which all players will have to follow to bring back the trust in the industry and will give peace of mind to the pilgrims.


For peace of mind choose accredited hajj and umrah businesses, check on our website at www.npoa.org.uk to see if they are on our members list. The members will go through a scrutiny process to earn the logo. Leading Hajj and umrah operators display the accreditation tick. They’ve met specific criteria ensuring they are committed to exceeding your expectations with great customer service and the highest standards of business practice.


It is advisable that there are only 92 Hajj companies registered with Ministry of Hajj, Saudi Arabia. The process of adding new companies for UK and Europe has been very slow over the last many years. It is not at all necessary for a company to only offer Hajj Packages, if they are Ministry of Hajj registered. When booking Hajj Packages, look for the ATOL logo for an agent and ask them for their ATOL number. Verify this information and you have nothing to worry about. Our trust tick can be an added assurance that the agent is member of a responsible body and has all licenses verified.

Ministry of Hajj has registered very limited number of companies for Umrah. However, this does not mean that companies can not offer Umrah Packages if they are not Ministry of Hajj registered. When looking for a reliable company to book umrah packages, look for an ATOL logo as a symbol of trust for agents in UK. All these agents are allowed to offer flight inclusive Umrah Packages by the Civil Aviation Authority. You can also look for our trust tick to ensure a member is completely trust worthy and has all applicable licensing to offer umrah.


Single Representative Body of Organisers

To be a single representative body of Hajj and Umrah organisers in the UK

Engage with Media, Public and other Organisations

To engage or interact with organisations, general public and the media.

Stabilize Airfares for pilgrims

To engage with IATA, CAA and Department of Transport with a view to stabilise the fares which the airline industry levy arbitrarily and indiscriminately on those who travel on pilgrimage visas.

Engage with Saudi Authorities

To engage with The Foreign Office’s Saudi Desk to assist the UK pilgrimage industry in dialogues with The Saudi Ministries involved in the Pilgrimage tours and its Consular services in UK.

Welfare and Benefits of Members

To develop pathways for the welfare and benefit of its members covering the legal, commercial and educational support.

Providing verified options for Umrah & Hajj

To engage with the general Muslim society in assisting them with making a conscious decision in choosing one of its members for their aspired pilgrimage plan.

Engage with Justice and Law making bodies

To engage with The Justice Department and The Law Commission with a view to highlight the gross discrepancies in the UK Law on Holiday Travel and Pilgrimage Journeys.

National helpline and Advice Center

To provide a national helpline service with a view to offer advice on disputes between pilgrims and the agent or between agents.


Engage with Authorities in UK & KSA

To be the source of engagement with relevant authorities in UK, KSA and any other associated countries for the core purposes it is fit to present.

Engage with UK Authorities

To engage with relevant authorities, in UK, that impact on the pilgrimage industry.

Working towards building a Positive image

To engage with The Home Office and The Police Federation on the truth and the myth about Pilgrimage Travel.


Self Regulator of the industry

To act as self-regulator for the core industry.

Become a Member Today

Download membership form and email it to us at info@npoa.org.uk.

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